Toolas Structure

Toolas Cluster ecosystem

Toolas is powered by a relatively small, but a very diverse mix of startups, SMEs, large organizations, and scientific institutions. Uniting 15 Lithuanian members and 2 international associates, we encourage a rich collaborative ecosystem.

Our strength lies in the tight-knit photonics community and the deep commitment to collaboration, driving R&D at an unparalleled pace and quality. Together, we tackle complex challenges, pushing the boundaries of laser processing technology.

Cluster Coordinator

Toolas Cluster Coordinator
Cluster Members

CNC parts manufacturing and powder coating

Scientific research in the field of lasers

Femtosecond solutions for industry & science

Femtosecond laser micromachining solutions

Manufacturer of DPSS lasers for harsh environments

Optomechanical engineering, optical metrology and laser development services

Optical products and thin film coating services

Thermal and night vision devices

Laser machine and process control software

Custom laser machines for production and R&D

CNC and milling services

IT and process consulting

Supplier of scientific equipment and industrial solutions

3D hybrid additive-substractive femtosecond laser manufacturing systems and devices
Cluster Associated Members

Laser design, manufacturing and industrialization

Distribution, optical manufacturing and engineering services

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