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We are Toolas.
Your all-in-one laser micromachining partner.

We unite Lithuania's laser industry experts to innovate and develop complete laser microprocessing solutions, from start to finish.

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Toolas cluster encompasses over 850 skilled professionals dedicated to advancing laser micromachining technology.

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Cluster members collectively meet 17 esteemed industry standard certifications.


September 24th, 2024

Held annually in Vilnius, the epicenter of photonics innovation in the heart of Europe, Baltic Photonics showcases the forefront of photonics technologies and their applications across industries. This year, we will focus on the synergies between Photonics and the Defence and Security sectors. Join us for an insightful exploration of innovative solutions reshaping these industries!

From components to laser processing machines.
We cover it all.

Control Software
Motorised laser power attenuator
Motorised λ/2 wave plate rotator
Motorised polarisation rotator
Motorised λ/4 wave plate rotator
Motorised beam expander
Motorised mirror flipper
CCD Camera
Laser wave front sensor
Power meter
Fixed Bessel Beam
Camera/machine vision
Fast 3D scanning device
Z positioning stage
Distance/temperature sensor
Galvanometer scanner head
Laser micromachining / microprocessing
Rotational stages
Fume and dust extraction
Sample Holder
XY Positioning Stages

What is Toolas?

Toolas is your go-to hub for tasks and products that require micro-precision.

As a cluster, we bring together experts from Lithuania’s photonics community to offer cutting-edge laser micromachining solutions. Our members’ technologies enable unparalleled precision and performance across various industries, including medicine, consumer electronics, defense & security, and more.

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