Cluster Members

Toolas cluster unites 6 different companies which focuse on customized laser micromachining solutions, ranging from individual parts production to software development and maintenance. Learn more about our cluster members and their products:
It is a technology park located in Vilnius and the TOOLAS cluster coordinator, which strives to help companies grow and build a professional community. Main activities are rendering consulting services on innovation, finance, and R&D to innovative companies. VITP organizes information events for professionals and during innovation workshops helps to develop insights for initiating and creating new products or services.
The company produces high-quality thin-film coating systems (technologies), mechanically resistant coatings, coats optics and other elements with metals, dielectrics, semiconductors. The products developed by the company are distinguished by their resistance to long-term energy, mechanical and climatic effects.
The hi-tech company offers opto-mechanical and optical services as well as thermal and night vision devices for different users and applications: individual hunters, border control, marine applications, security institutions, emergency services and other.
DMC created a software, that automates mundane machine control tasks for laser machines, providing with an all-in-one solution which allow users fully automate the process for industrial OEM systems or high volume research task.
The high-tech company designs, develops and commercialises custom and unique laser products. It develops technologies for analytical and spectroscopy instrumentation, automotive, sensing, medical, defence and material processing laser applications.
The cluster member provides solutions for ultra-fast laser micromachining and has extensive experience in semiconductor and dielectric material scribing. The company patented ICICLE technologies and FREEZER series OEM optical engines that are core parts of industrial scribing stations.
The company is a laser machine startup which focuses on laser 3D texturing and other 5 axis laser machining technologies. MACHINE.ONE will integrate perfectly into the TOOLAS value chain as a systems integrator.