OPCPA 30th anniversary

Published by Juliana Semionova on

On December 19th, the Lithuanian photonics community celebrated the 30th anniversary of OPCPA technology and paid its respect to Professor Algis Petras Piskarskas who made an immeasurable contribution to the laser industry in Lithuania as we know it today. The event was hosted by Vilnius University Laser Research Center, in collaboration with Lithuanian Laser Association.

You can learn more about the history of OPCPA technology and prof. A.P. Piskarskas input to laser science from the article “OPCPA: from the concept to the ultrafast future”, recently shared by Light Conversion: https://lightcon.com/company/news/optical-parametric-chirped-pulse-amplification-opcpa-from-the-concept-to-the-ultrafast-future/

During the seminar, Piskarskas’ students from different generations uncovered insights on laser industry development from its formation in the late 70s, and the demonstration of OPA in 90s till nowadays membership in ELI – Extreme Light Infrastructure ERIC.

Dr. A. Varanavicius, before starting his presentation, said: “Only now I piece together, what a great 50th-anniversary present OPCPA must have been for Piskarskas!”. And it should have been, indeed, because Professor Piskarskas would be also celebrating his 80th anniversary in 2022.

Also, one of the latest Piskarskas students Roman Antipenkov presented open opportunities for collaboration with ELI in the future, including: applications for experimental work, internships, ELI student summer camps, workshops, joint projects and more. For more information about ELI visit the website: https://up.eli-laser.eu/