“Elas” becomes “AKONEER”

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We are delighted to inform you about the changes in the member’s company. Elas has officially changed the company name to Akoneer.

What’s behind new name AKONEER?

The term ‘AKO’ refers to the inextricable link between the teaching and the learning process. It is used to signify that a teacher is also a student, in a sense a pioneer, who is capable of not only teaching but also learning from the students.

Akoneer’s brand and business philosophy is based on continuous processes of learning and innovating, enabling self-learning through advanced technologies.

Company’s team creates unique systems by learning from clients and sharing knowledge about laser technologies every day. This is what Akoneer and it’s business philosophy is about.

Why has this change happened?

As a company, Elas was in the market for more than 10 years. We are proud of member’s multi-year experience, a team, dedicated to excellence with know-how in laser micromachining technology and the market itself.  Last year the owners of Elas has changed – Tadas Kildušis and Tadas Kazakevičius joined the team and acquired the controlling stake. Not long after, a new CEO, Rokas Šlekys, has joined the team.

The new management team sees the potential of the current team of professionals and has a very clear vision for the company: to develop the company by adding new target markets, not only from the scientific sector but also from the industrial one. It provides the opportunity to expand pool of clients, as well as enter new markets by continuously developing new technologies and innovations.

So, what’s coming up next?

Company’s team has a strong strategy on how to make Akoneer a leading laser technology company. The amazing team, clients, partners, long-term experience, and technological potential act as key features in unlocking the new vision.  They work on improving current processes and developing new ones to be even more effective. Akoneer has moved to a new office built to their needs, and it’s a plan to expand the team in upcoming year.

AKONEER – for the products of tomorrow.