Femtika – a new member of TOOLAS

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March 24 2021 a new member – Femtika – has joined laser micromachining cluster TOOLAS.

This company develops laser-based life-saving innovations, for example, applies femtosecond laser-based 3D multiphoton polymerization to produce micro-scaffolds for human cells to grow, proliferate and form artificial tissue that can be implanted into a damaged organ.

Femtika is a spin off company from Vilnius University Laser Research Center established in 2013 by a team of experts with a portfolio of many years of research and development of 3D laser precision micro processing and now has >35 research projects per every year.

Company specializes in hybrid microfabrication technologies: universal tool using femtosecond laser – Laser Nanofactory workstation for multiphoton polymerization, laser ablation, selective laser etching technologies as well as offers research services in this field.

Femtika is targeting for supplying the growing worldwide demands of available tools and technologies, enabling true 3D laser fabrication of custom design components in micro- and sub-micro scale. Microstructures of Femtika are used in development of new future products in semiconductors, photonics, medical, automotive, space industries, etc. 97% of company’s production is exported to Japan, Switzerland, France, Germany, etc.

Femtika is a valuable partner for TOOLAS companies, expanding their limits with its hybrid microfabrication competencies.

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