New 4Lasers Components catalog of Optogama is ready for you use

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We are happy to announce new 4Lasers Components catalog of Optogama is ready for your use. In the catalog, you will find our updated standard components list and all their features.

4Lasers  a division of TOOLAS member Optogama

4Lasers is a division of the high-tech Optogama company, which was established in 2015, Vilnius. The division with a young and ambitious team was created in order to supply high-quality crystals and optical elements, beam delivery devices, accessories, laser setups.

In the past decades, photonics and laser physics have undergone a revolution, driven by the new methods of generating, controlling, and detecting photons. Nowadays, a lot of well-established and state-of-art laser systems are used in a variety of research fields, industries. On the other hand, the demand for new, compact, and low-cost laser sources for everyday life is growing more than ever.

Every optical element of the laser system has to be carefully designed, produced, inspected and prepared for use. And here 4Lasers team comes into play!

4Lasers main capabilities and specialties

  • Production of standard and custom laser optical components, laser, and nonlinear crystals
  • Design and development of custom laser gain, optical modules, and beam delivery devices
  • Development and production of different laser crystal hosts and ion dopant combinations
  • Conventional and state of the art laser optics
  • Refurbishment of optical elements, crystals
  • Clean room environment, optical design, mechanical design, in-house CNC machining

4Lasers members are looking forward to cooperating with you and implementing your ideas and projects from scratch till the end. Do not hesitate to contact us and discuss your needs via

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