Lithuanian high-tech industry: lasers and their components

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“Lithuania, with an impressive track record in laser manufacturing and innovative academic laser science, is a world leader in laser technologies,” says Tada Lipinskas from laser components company Optogama. “The strong cohesion between research and development activities in laser companies and academic research centers pushes Lithuania forth as a major-league player in the global marketplace. Scientific research that has started in academia resulted in an impressive number of breakthroughs and important commercial developments. Lithuanian enterprises have a broad network of distributors and representatives over the world. We invite companies from across the world to integrate our laser products in their technologies and services,” he adds.

A large part of national success is collaboration and connections formed between companies. That is where the TOOLAS cluster comes in. The cluster formed in 2015 and unites companies that produce laser components. As a whole, the TOOLAS cluster provides laser technology solutions for precise micromachining and laser additive manufacturing. Companies work together in a way that changes competition into co-creation to lead the way for unique solutions.

Lithuania-made laser micromachining solutions are delivered to more than 20 countries worldwide, including the USA, China, the Republic of Korea, and Japan. The majority of applications are related to laser surface microstructuring, micro-drilling, cutting, and 3D printing of glasses, semiconductors, metals, ceramics, and polymers. Lithuanian technologies are already implemented in medical, semiconductors, vision, space, security, and defense, amongst others.

“The essence of the cluster is its value chain, which covers the whole process of production of lasers systems from coatings on optical elements and crystals to laser micromachining engines and systems,” says Marija Tunkevičiūtė, Cluster Coordinator.

The cluster seeks to become the key European player of laser micromachining until 2030, and the main goals for further development include strengthening research and development capabilities as well as strengthening international partnerships.

TOOLAS cluster consists of six members delivering products and services from optical components, coatings up to laser micromachining technologies, laser workstations, including engineering and design services. Let’s take a look at the innovation and products the companies in the cluster are working with!

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