2019 new & ongoing R&D projects

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2019 TOOLAS members started with development of 2 new products (Optonas), and 3 products + 5 technologies are in development since 2018.

New projects started in 2019:

Optonas – 2 products

  • Compact subnanosecond pulse 914nm; 457nm; 305nm wavelength laser
  • Non-polarizing optical beam splitters with high damage threshold for lasers (also for UV radiation)


Ongoing projects:

Optogama – 1 products, 1 technology

  • development of eye-safe laser KAUKAS (1,54 µm nanosecond)
  • development of evaporation technology for dielectric coatings with high damage threshold  for 1,5-2 µm wavelength


Ados-Tech – 2 technologies

  • i-MASAS intelligent multispectral high resolution imaging system (to be applied in stationary and mobile devices)
  • Supplemented spectral system (thermal vision overlay)


Cognitio – 1 project

  • 3D printing: fast, high resolution 3D model enhancement algorithms to increase processed model size

Evana technologies – 1 technology

  • Applications of precise laser scribing techniques in biotech industry (precise tunnels with 1-10 µm diameter)



Evana Technologies – 3 projects

  • patenting of developed laser scribing technologies of brittle surfaces


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